Bash and Block is a Massive Local Multiplayer game where hundreds of players can quickly drop in or out of play using only the browser on their phone. This makes Bash and Block perfect for intermissions during large events or conferences. Players are split into four teams and tasked with pushing a large ball into their team's goal.

Bash and Block was created at Nordic Game Jam in 2016 with the title Enurendo by a group made up of Half Past Yellow team and four other jammers: Jeremias Eichelbaum, Magnus Sonne Nielsen, Stephen Benedetti, and Svavar Melberg. Enurendo was presented with the Google award for "Best Google Cast Game".

Renaming the game to Bash and Block, Half Past Yellow continued to work on it after the jam. We were then invited to show the game during the After Hours party at the Google I/O conference.