Half Past Yellow is an independent game development studio, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, founded and run by a group of close friends over their shared love of the high-pressure experimental environment of game jams.

With many years of combined experience in the industry, the members of Half Past Yellow have worked extensively with other studios on contemporary titles across several different platforms such as Affordable Space Adventures (WiiU, 2015), Frantics (PS4, 2018), and Mutazione (Cross-Platform, 2019) among others.



Development of Spectacle 👁️.


Development of Time on Frog Island 🐸. Half Past Yellow's first physical retail release!


Preproduction and initial development of Komako - eventually cancelled.


Half Past Yellow was quickly joined by Casper Petersen to round off the four-strong founding team. In partnership with Tiny Corp, Half Past Yellow develops and releases their first self-driven commercial project, Tiny Tomb.


The Half Past Yellow team initially started when Gian Dbeis, Max Wrighton, and Remy Stuurwold first met each other during the EUCROMA academic exchange in Copenhagen in 2014. The team bonded over a love of local multiplayer games and spent most of their free time building games together. After completing their respective degrees the group returned to Copenhagen in 2015 to casually work together until eventually founding the company in 2017.



2020 Sizzle ReelYouTube

Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner - Best Fun For Everyone" Time on Frog Island, Nordic Game, 2023
  • "Winner - Best Kids Game" Time on Frog Island, Spilprisen, 2023
  • "Winner - Best Debut" Time on Frog Island, Spilprisen, 2023
  • "Finalist - Google's Indie Games Festival" Tiny Tomb, 2020
  • "Winner - Best Google Cast Game" Nordic Game Jam, Bash and Block, 2016

Selected Articles

  • I'd happily have played another dozen hours.
    Christopher Livingston, PC Gamer, 2022
  • Combines all the excitement of probably breaking your phone and the joys of ragdoll physics
    Jess Joho, Kill Screen, 2015
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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Max Wrighton
Co-Founder, Game Director
Remy Stuurwold
Co-Founder, CEO, Tech Director
Casper Petersen
Co-Founder, Art Director
Gianfranco Dbeis
Co-Founder, Senior Artist